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The Component

To use MBus interface we need only add a 4148 diode between RX and TX and get a new cable from RX to connect it to PIN 6 in phone connector.

To get phone connector use a handsfree portatil (not nokia original, because it's too expensive) and cut connector. Be sure that it's not thermo-sealed and it uses all pins.

I recommend you to use Max3232 version, because using Max232 comunication with phone using FBUS (Data Suite) sometimes may be failed.

Component list:


The Board

MAX232 version:

MAX3232 version:

The Pin on Nokia

  1. Charger input voltage
  2. Charger control PWM
  3. Mic input
  4. Signal ground
  5. Ear output
  6. MBUS 9600 bit/seg.
  7. FBUS-> RX
  8. FBUS->TX
  9. Ground


If you don't want endanger your phone, you can buy a cable to :



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