The False Messiah, the False Prophet, the "Antichrist"


Hadhrat Imraan son of Hussain relates that, "I heard the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam saying: "Since the birth of Adam till the advent of Qiyaamah there is no fitnah (evil, test) much greater than that of the Dajjal."

The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam has exhorted the regular recital of Suratul Kahf which will most certainly save one from the Evils of the Dajjal.)

Hadhrat Huzaifah says, the Dajjal will be blind in his left eye. He will have very thick hair on his body and he will also have his own type of Jannat and Jahannam with him: Although his Jannat will appear as Jannat, in reality it will be Jahannam and likewise though his Jahannam will appear to be Jahannam, in reality it will be Jannat.



The term "DAJJAL" means "Imposter", one who conceals the truth with falsehood, a "falsifier", one who deceives, deludes, beguiles, circumvents, is very deceitful or a "great deceiver". The word also means "To smear the whole body of camel with tar". Thus, according to this meaning the Dajjal would mean a great falsifier who would cover the whole Earth with conceit and delusion and infidelity or with his beguiled adherents as tar covers the body. According to another version, he would be called Dajjal because he will travel to most of the regions of the Earth. He would basically be a great falsifier who would rise and he would, by his vicious tricks and devices, lead people astray from the path of righteousness. Following a great victory of the Muslims (under the Mahdi) against the Romans, Muslims will take over Rome. Then, the Dajjal (False Messiah) will appear and a greater war will start between his followers and the believers  for 40 days (longer that usual days) and will end when 'Eessa ("Jesus") will come and slay him along with his followers. All the remaining people will convert into Islam. Peace will pervade the whole world. 



Although the word 'Dajjal' - which comes from the Arabic word meaning 'to deceive', 'to cheat', 'to smear with tar' - does not appear in the Qur'an, the Dajjal is described in considerable detail in all major collections of Hadith, including the two well-known Sahih collections of Imam al-Bukhari and Imam Muslim, especially in the sections which are concerned with 'the last days', the period of time immediately preceding the end of the world, as well as in many other compilations of Hadith such as Al-Mishkat Al-Masabih, The Gardens of the Righteous, and Al-Muwatta' of Imam Malik:

There are three aspects of the Dajjal:

There is Dajjal the individual. 

There is Dajjal as a worldwide social and cultural phenomenon. 

There is Dajjal as an unseen force. 

(According to scholarly opinions, the latter two aspects will be established before Dajjal the individual will appear. That is, he will appear when the support system he needs is in place throughout the world either directly or indirectly).

Dajjal the individual will be the epitome of the Dajjal system, the ultimate kaffir, and therefore inevitably to be chosen as the leader of that system, when he appears. The letters KFR are the basic root letters of the Arabic word Kufr, or Kaffir. Kufr is to cover up and to reject. The kaffir is the one who covers up the true nature of existence - and who rejects the messengers who are sent by Allah to show people how to live in harmony with what is within in them and with what is without them, and to worship and have knowledge of Allah. The Prophet Muhammad said that kufr is one system. The Kufr system is the Dajjal. The three aspects of Dajjal are in fact interlinked and indivisible.

The Dajjal is also described in the Hadith as having many eyes on both sides, and travelling about the world in large hops. Among other descriptions of the Dajjal in the Hadith collections we find the following: 

The Dajjal can be heard all over the world at the same time. 

The Dajjal will talk of the Fire (Jahannam), and make it seem like the Garden (Jannah). Dajjal [the Sick Man of Humanity] will talk of the Garden, and make it seem like the Fire. [Two examples of these relate to matters of justice and peace. He will proclaim justice but he will pursue injustice, and he will proclaim peace but he will pursue the opposite of peace and every proclaimation by him of the so-called peace will be a deterioration of whatever is left of peace. That is, he will do exactly opposite of what he proclaims].

The following are facts taken from the sayings of the Messenger of Allah ( Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) regarding Dajjal the individual: 

Name and Title

His name will be Abdullah, son of Cyatid (it's possible that the correct reading of his father's name may actually be "Syadid"). His title is al-Masih ad-Dajjal meaning "The False Messiah". However, he also claims divinity, thus he is also a false deity.

FAMILY LINEAGE                                                                 

 The Dajjal will be of Jewish origin


He will be very irritable and get extremely angry, and the first thing (by the incitement of which) he would come out before the public would be his anger.


He will be blind in one eye, while his other will be like a "floating grape". He will be short, fat, hen-toed, crooked-legged, with black curly, woolly hair, and a ruddy complexion. He will have on his forehead, between his eyes, the word "kaffir", which any believer, literate or illiterate, can read.



The Dajjal will rule over the world for 40 days, one day like a year, one day like a month, one day like a week, and the rest like regular days. Thus his rule will last for 14 months and 14 days. He will appear from the East (in Iran, Afghanistan) and begin his campaign of mischief and corruption between Syria and Iraq. The Dajjal will have a large following of mainly the 70,000 Jews from Isfahan, Iran wearing Persian Shawls, Bedouins, and illegitimate people (those born outside of marriage), carrying ‘blue helmets’.

Imraan son of Hussain says the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam  said: "Those who hear about Dajjal should stay far from him. By Allah! A person will approach him thinking him to be a Believer, but on seeing his amazing feats he will become his follower."

Ubadah son of Saamit once said, "I have explained Dajjal to you but I fear that you might not have understood. Maseeh Dajjal will be short, and his legs will be crooked. The hair on his head will be extremely twisted. He will have one eye (with which he can see, and this is the protruding eye about which other ahadeeth inform us) while his other eye will be totally flat. It will neither be deep (in its socket) nor protruding.

If you still have any doubt regarding him then remember that your Sustainer (Rabb) is not one-eyed. (Because Dajjal will eventually claim to be Allah). In a lengthy Hadeeth narrated by Abu Saeed, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam  is reported to have said: "Dajjal will come but it will be prohibited and impossible for him to enter Madina. He will set up camp in a barren land outside Madina. One person who will be the best of persons will confront him by saying: "I bear witness that you are the very Dajjal about whom the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam  has informed us."

Dajjal will say to his followers, "If I kill this person and then revive him, you people will still doubt me?"

They will reply, "No."

He will then kill this person, (according to another narration he will split this person in two) and thereafter revive him. This person will say, "I am totally convinced more than ever before that you definitely are Dajjal."

Dajjal will attempt to kill this person again but his efforts will now be in vain.

(According to a hadeeth, after this incident, Dajjal will not be able to harm anyone.)

Hadhrat Anas says that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam  said: "Dajjal will come and finally reach the outskirts of Madina. There will be three tremors. At that time, all the disbelievers and hypocrites will flee (from Madinah).

In this way Madinah Munawwarah will be purified of all the evil hypocrites.

Hadhrat Asma daughter of Yazeed narrates that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam  once came to my house and there he spoke about Dajjal. He said that before the emergence of Dajjal there will be three spells of drought. In one year the skies will withhold one third of its rains, causing the earth to withhold one third of its produce. In the second year the skies will withhold two thirds of its rains, causing the earth to withhold two thirds of its produce. In the third year, the skies will withhold all its water and there will be no crops that year. All animals, be they hooved or toothed, will die as a result. The greatest evil of Dajjal will be to approach anyone and ask him: "If I bring your camel back to life, will you then believe that I am your Rabb?"

This person will reply, "Most certainly."

Thereafter Shaytaan (from the many Shayaateen who will always accompany the Dajjal) will appear before this person in the form of his camel with a fat hump and fully laden udders.

Likewise Dajjal will appear before another person whose father and brother have long passed away and ask him, "If I bring your father and brother back to life will you believe that I am your Rabb?"

This person will reply, "Why not?"

Shaytaan will once again take on the appearance of his brother and father...

Hadhrat Mughira son of Shu'bah says that, "No one asked the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam  about Dajjal as much as myself. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam  said to me, "How can he possibly harm you?"

I said: "People are saying that he will have with him a mountain of bread (provisions) and a river of water."

The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam  said: "In the sight of Allah he is much more disgraced than that. (i.e. Allah knows full well that in reality Dajjal has nothing with him, and all that which appears to be with him is but deception).

(Bukhari and Muslim).

Other Ahadeeth regarding Dajjal inform us that:

  • His name will be Abdullah son of Cyatid.
  • He will emerge between Shaam and Iraq, and his emergence will become known when he is in Isfahaan at a place called Yahudea.
  • The Jews of Isfahaan will be his main followers.
  • Apart from having mainly Jewish followers, he will have a great number of women followers as well.
  • He will have with him fire and water, but in reality the fire will be cold water while that what appears to be cold water will in reality be a blazing fire.
  • Those who obey him will enter "his Jannat" while those who disobey him will enter "his Jahannam."
  • There will be a thick fingernail-like object in his left eye.
  • The letters "Kaa" "Faa" "Raa" will appear on his forehead and will be deciphered by all Mu'mineen regardless of them being literate or not.
  • He will have a ruddy complexion.
  • He will travel at great speeds and his means of conveyance will be a gigantic mule. It is said that he will play beautiful music which will attract the music lovers.
  • Dajjal will lay claim to prophethood.
  • He will then lay claim to Divinity.
  • He will perform unusual feats.
  • He will travel the entire world. He will send down rains upon those who believe in him, which in turn will cause good crops to grow, trees to bear fruit and cattle to grow fat.
  • He will cause drought to those who disbelieve in him, resulting in starvation and hardship for them.
  • During those trying times the Mu'mineen (Believers) will satiate their hunger through the recitation of Subhanallah and La'ilaha Ilallahu.
  • The hidden treasures will spill forth at his command. He will stay on this Earth for a period of forty days; the length of the first day will be one year, the second day will be equal to one month, the third day will be equal to a week and the remaining days will be normal.
  • He will be unable to enter Makkah because the Malaikah (Angels) will be guarding the Holy City and nor will he be able to enter Madina because there will be Malaikah guarding each of the seven entrances to Madina; From Madina he will proceed towards Shaam where Imaam Mahdi will be stationed.
  • Finally Eessa alayhis salaam will descend from the heavens and pursue him and eventually kill him at present day Lydda (Baad Lud).

However, before this Dajjal appears, there would also appear various False Prophets within the Muslim Community, most of which have already appeared.

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