This is to show you how hard it is to translate Indonesia Language to English using a software, at their best, 2 web company tried it, but the result is still far from perfect,
this is the example from those two, the original text is below :

ABG Bunuh Ibu karena Tak Diberi Uang untuk Pergi ke Warnet
Rita Uli Hutapea - detikcom Beijing - Seorang ABG yang kecanduan internet nekat menikam bunya sendiri hingga tewas. Perbuatan keji itu dilakukan karena sang ibu tidak mau memberikan uang padanya untuk pergi ke warnet. Duh!

Peristiwa berdarah ini terjadi di Kota Guangzhou, Cina seperti diberitakan harian lokal, The Beijing News dan dilansir kantor berita AFP, Kamis (14/6/2007).

Kejadian itu bermula ketika ABG yang hanya diidentifikasi sebagai Wang itu meminta uang kepada ibunya. Namun sang ibu menolak memberikan uang yang akan dipakai Wang untuk pergi ke warnet.

here is the result from Google translation :

Mother killed awesome party just because not given Money to Go to the Garnet
Rita Uli Hutapea
Install Beijing - An awesome party just a desperate stab Internet addicted themselves to bunya killed. Lewdness is done because the mother did not want to give the money to go to the cafe. Duh!

This bloody events occurred in the city of Guangzhou, China as reported by the local daily, The Beijing News and CNN news This office, on Thursday (14/6/2007).

Genesis is awesome party just started when the only identified as Wang is requesting money to his mother. However, the mother refused to give money to be used for Wang to go to the cafe.

and here is the result from (used to :

The TEENAGER Kill Ms because of being not given by Uang to go to Warnet
Rita Uli Hutapea - detikcom Beijing - A ABG that internet addiction determined to stab you him himself until being killed. The mean action was carried out because the mother did not want to give money to him to go to warnet. Duh!

This bloody incident happened in the Guangzhou City, China as being reported the local daily, The Beijing News and was launched the AFP news agency, on Thursday (14/6/2007).

The incident began when the TEENAGER who only it was identified as the money asked for money from his mother. However the mother refused to give money that will be used money to go to warnet.

Many people said, Indonesia Language is not standard, although it is an easy language but so many different way to write a text, this is the big problem for the software (a.k.a Computer) to understand it, but for human eyes, its very easy to read Bahasa Indonesia, even for foreigner who just learn it for couple weeks.

oh well, I guess we have to wait for another century for it to be perfect, or probably anybody out there already have a good software ?

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