The Cosmic Twins.May 21 to June 21

You are the Mutable Air sign. The Air element means you are a Thinking Type, mentally driven, communicative, fast-moving.

Your .Mutable. quality means you are versatile, flexible, drawn to synthesise facts, put things together. It also means you are one of the .Dual. signs, double natured, prone to mutate and change rapidly. For example you easily swing between bright vivacious and dark withdrawn. Or between clear simple logic and a chaos of unfinished ends. You are most happy when, despite your busy life, your .dark twin. is embraced via periods of solitary creative work and by relationships that encourage your emotional side to emerge. You are the .thinker. of the zodiac, the third sign, your key phrase: .I Connect..

MERCURY: Planet of the Mind
Your Planetary Ruler

Communication and a variety of life experience are the Air you breathe. In ancient Arabic astrology Gemini is said to be .of hot and humid nature. and .your angel holds the key to the creation of metals.. (Mystical Astrology According to Ibn .Arabi) Mercury is associated with short journeys, with brothers and sisters and with intellect and the ability to reason. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo and Gemini is the .day sign. of Mercury. In the body Gemini rules the arms, hands, lungs, thymus gland, bronchial tubes and the faculty of speech. Talking is like breathing for some Geminis and multi-tasking with several sound and sight sources operating simultaneously, like computer, TV and telephone together, is easy for Gemini. As a Twin, you are most happy when engaged in stimulating mental activities with a friend close by.

Mythic Mercury is the Roman version of the ancient Greek Hermes, the youthful god with wings on his feet. He was a Trickster figure, .the god of thieves and pickpockets., who stole a herd of Apollo.s cattle only hours after his birth. He charmed his way out of this exploit by gifting Apollo the musical instrument he had just created . the lyre. Apollo was delighted with the lyre.s sweet notes and gifted Mercury a magic wand called Caduceous. Mercury/Hermes is always depicted holding this wand and is therefore linked to the Magician in the Tarot cards.

Son of the illicit union between Jupiter, king of the gods and Maia, goddess of the plains, he was born in a grotto on Mount Cyllene in Arcadia. Mercury was the only one free to move between the world of the living and the Underworld of the dead, ruled by Pluto . he was the Messenger. When he visited the Underworld he was called .Psychopompus. and when Mercury was the conductor of dreams, he was called .Oneicopompus.. This god of many names was also embraced by Alchemy . the .universal solvent. the alchemists of the middle ages spent their life seeking, was called Mercurius. Mercury/Hermes is associated with magic, while Hermes Trismegistus or .Thrice Great Hermes. is linked to the mystery traditions of European and Middle Eastern cultures. In almost every heroic exploit of Greek mythology, if a messenger was needed, Mercury was the one . another form of universal solvent, able to shape-shift and move between worlds to carry the message forward to its destination.

Mercury represents the magic of duality - the complementary pairing of opposites and the flexibility of an open mind. His special message to Gemini is to let your ever curious mind be guided by the light of wisdom.


Metal: Quicksilver, ruled by Mercury and sometimes called .mercury.. Like the mythic god, this metal shapeshifts and can enter the body if held in an unprotected hand.
Colours: Yellows, orange
Herbs for Health: Parsley in cooking and as a tonic tea. Lavender oil and lavender water for baths and facial steams, dill seeds and caraway seeds in cooking to assist digestion.
Foods for Health: A good variety of fresh fruits and vegetables provide the variety of minerals and organic salts you need. Asparagus, most sprouts, mushrooms, figs and mulberries are especially helpful.
Flowers: Double flowers, particularly those in shades of yellow or orange.
Scents: Lilac, lavender, sandalwood.

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