The Scorpion/Eagle.October 23 to November 22

Your element is Water and your quality is Fixed. As a
Scorpio you are the most intense and penetrating of the Water signs. The Water element means you are a feeling type, emotionally driven, seeking financial security, emotional satisfaction and creative release.

Being the fixed Water sign means you specialise in holding patterns and fixed emotions. You are capable of intense devotion and intense dislikes, obsessions that help and sometimes harm you. No shades of grey but plenty of white-hot passions and sometimes black moods, stir Scorpio.s deep heart. You are the eighth sign, the sign of the hidden mysteries, your key phrase: .I transform..

MARS: Planet of Vital Energy
PLUTO: Planet of Power
Your Planetary Rulers

Your two ruling planets, the traditional Mars and the modern ruler, Pluto, both represent power and energy. Intense emotional connections, psychological penetration and a strong sense of purpose are the direction that your Water flows. In ancient Arabic astrology .Scorpio is of cold and humid nature. and .its angel holds the keys of the creation of fire.. (Mystical Astrology According to Ibn .Arabi) Your speciality is going beneath the surface, stoking the fires from a deep hidden place. In the body Scorpio rules the bladder, colon, prostate gland, urinary system and the male and female sexual organs. You don.t simply simmer - you positively steam!

Mythic Mars was the Roman equivalent of The Greek Ares, god of war. Soldiers and mercenaries honoured this god, yet he also had a reputation for his amorous pursuits. In legend,
Mars fell madly in love with Venus and she with him. While he was usually shown in a brilliant suit of armour, a plumed helmet on his head, a spear poised in one hand and a shield in the other, Venus frequently stripped him bare. Mars and Venus were caught in the act by her much betrayed husband. He held them aloft in a fine metal net for all the gods to see their discomfort. Nevertheless, their long union produced three children. Mars later wooed Ilia, a Vestal Virgin, persuading her to break her vows. This union produced Romulus and Remus, the twins who founded the city of Rome. Mars broke the rules, was fuelled by passion and stirred discord. Yet his seed carried new life and founded a great city. Mars is associated with sexual energy, with warfare, desire and conflict. Energy, courage and a pioneering spirit are his gifts. Since the red planet rules both Scorpio and Aries, you are called the .night sign. of Mars, the more private face of all that passion.

Pluto/Hades was another son of Saturn in Greco-Roman myth. He was freed when Jupiter freed all of his siblings and Pluto was given the rulership of the Underworld, the land of the dead. .Plutos. means .wealth. and the Underworld is considered a place of great wealth even though the most dangerous place of all to visit. It is interesting that Pluto.s name has been given to plutonium, which is indeed a mixed blessing and a great danger to life. The most profound of the Greek mystery stories involved Pluto, his abduction of the maiden Persephone and her eventual return from the Underworld. This story is about life itself and the cycles of death and birth, the truth of vegetative nature, which must die in order to bring forth new life.

Mars represents passion and vital energy, Pluto represents the interlinked cycles of life and death. The special message they carry for Scorpio is the secret of conserving and transmuting vital energy.


Metal: Iron, ruled by Mars
Colours: Deep reds, deep browns, charcoal.
Herbs for Health: Sweet basil as a tonic tea, tarragon in cooking, nettle leaves juiced or steamed (lowers blood pressure).
Foods for Health: A range of fruit and green vegetables, especially beneficial are cherries, citrus, rhubarb, cabbage, kale and spinach.
Flowers: Chrysanthemum and all large red flowers.
Scents: Ginger root, ginger flower, violet, red rose.

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